Hey, thanks for showing an interest in joining NEON.

For the majority of people, our economy isn’t working. It concentrates power and wealth into the hands of an ever smaller few, causes financial meltdowns and is pushing our communities, public services and climate to breaking point.

NEON is a growing community of UK activists and organisers taking practical action to challenge business as usual. We connect at events, socials and trainings; share skills and knowledge; and collaborate on campaigns. By working together and supporting each other we aim to strengthen the movement for a fairer and more sustainable economy.

Strategy and leadership training for system-change

Apply to join NEON

NEON is powered by the energy and skills of people in our community.

We have limited resources and to grow sustainably have four criteria for joining:

  • You share the same purpose
  • You treat other members with respect
  • You are an active campaigner or organiser
  • You are motivated to contribute to NEON.

Got questions about NEON before applying? Get in touch at hello@neweconomyorganisers.org

Part 1: Tell us about you

Data notice: NEON is about helping activists collaborate so please note that the name, email address and town name you supply here will be accessible to others in the network. Network communications will be emailed to this address.

You can change your account details and notification settings at any time.

Part 2: NEON's shared purpose

NEON exists to build the power of activists working towards an economy that works for people and planet.

From climate change to poverty, we believe the issues we campaign on stem from the same structural problems in our economy and politics. Instead of a neoliberal system built on enriching the 1% we want an economy that puts human needs before profits, spreads wealth and power more evenly across society, and looks after the planet we and future generations depend on. By supporting each other’s struggles and finding new ways to collaborate, we aim to build movements that win.

Part 3: Your work

NEON exists to unite and empower activists working to challenge business as usual. Our members include trade union and grassroots organisers, campaigners from the NGO world and political parties, public educators, journalists, and more. If you are campaigning or organising for a new economy, we want you in the community!

Part 4: NEON's community values

We want NEON to be a fun and inclusive place where members make friends, treat each other with respect and support each other to do great activism. Our network values are community, open-mindedness and working together.

In practice this means:

  • Leaving egos and organisational or party politics at the door
  • Being generous with your time and skills
  • Listening to others properly; not talking over people
  • Exploring differences of opinion respectfully and in a way that prioritises building bridges rather than winning arguments
  • Being willing to accept feedback
Supporting each other to build stronger campaigns

Part 5: What can we learn from each other?

NEON is powered by the skills and energy of people in the community. Whether you attend socials, trainings, events or working groups or take action with other members, we value your active and regular involvement.